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Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA)

Accelerate digital transformation by automating tedious and repetitive manual workflows with one of our robots today. Enhance productivity and allow your business teams to focus on mission-critical work.

B2B ONE CONNECT - Enterprise Service Bus

Choreographed processes, reinventing the application landscape with our state of the art centralized hub.

Data Management And Cleansing

As part of Managed Data Services, B2B can help clients to clean up their data (detecting errors and correcting formats), in order to help clients make the most out of their available data to make better business decisions.

Manage Exceptions

Our integrated systems can detect mismatch in documentations (price, quantity, UOM etc), thus saving time for your personnel from having to manually check each individual line for errors.

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Data Management

Data Management


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Inventory management

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Payment and invoice management